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Northern Michigan Maternity Family Portraits | O’Rourke Family

A family stands in a field of wildflowers in the woods of Northern Michigan

The Northern Michigan maternity family portraits took place on a warm evening in June. What a beautiful session! The O’Rourke family were vacationing near Walloon Lake and we were able to take some amazing family and maternity photographs!

The woods of Northern Michigan make an incredible backdrop for any session! First, I took some photographs of the family together. These pictures are so lovely. A family smiling and playing together. Then, we switched over to maternity photos with Cali. The glow of the evening sun and her white dress give the photos a very soft, beautiful feeling. 

After these shots in the field of wildflowers, we moved down a wood chip path. We love capturing real moments of joy at all our sessions. From pointing things out to a child on a path, tossing a child into the air, and taking a moment to pick flowers for mom. It is the little moments that we like to capture that our clients can cherish for years to come.

Then, after we finished playing in the woods, we moved out onto the shoreline. I always like to shoot in multiple locations. What could be better than a Northern Michigan beach! We got some fantastic shots of the family with the lake and shoreline in the background. After, we took some more relaxed and playful shots of the family. As well as, some beautiful moments shared by the couple. 

While beside the water, we got some more maternity photos with Cali. The sun setting paints her with golden light. I really had a lot of fun with this blended session. We then took some more fun photos on the rocky beach. Then, we ended our Northern Michigan Family Portraits with shots of the family sitting on the rocks. 

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A man and woman smile while holding their toddler boy in a forest in Michigan A pregnant mother in a white dress and a father hold their sons hands while walking A mother and father holding their sons hands lift him laughing off the ground in Michigan A family of three poses for portraits in the woods near Charlevoix, Michigan A mother and father look down at their son while walking through the woods in Northern Michigan A family of three walks through a field of little yellow flowers near Charlevoix Michigan A pregnant woman in a white dress holds her belly while standing in a field of flowers A woman in a white dress poses for maternity portraits in a wooded field in Michigan A man and woman walk down a wood chip path during Northern Michigan Maternity Family Portraits A man throws his son into the air while the mother smiles and laughs A man and woman throw their son into the air while smiling in the woods of Northern Michigan A little boy stands in a field of wild, yellow flowers and smiles with trees in the background A little boy looks at a flower while his mother smiles at him with cupped hands in Michigan A little boy plays in a field of wild flowers and picks flowers to place in his mother's hands A boy stands in a field holding a flower in Charlevoix, Michigan in the summer An expectant family of three stand on the beach smiling and looking at rocks A mother and father stand holding their sons hands on a beach with Lake Charlevoix beside them A toddler boy raises a rock over his head to throw in on a sandy beach in northern michigan A man places his hand on his expectant wife's belly while their son plays on a rocky beachA man and pregnant woman look into each other's eyes and smile while holding her belly A young boy hugs his pregnant mother's belly while his father stands smiling on a sunny beach A man and woman both look at a young boy and smile at him with their arms around him A mother in a while dress holds her son as they both smile on a Michigan beach A father curls his son while the young boy laughs on a rocky beach in Charlevoix A family of three exchange laughs together on with a Michigan lake behind them A pregnant mother in a white gown stand on a rocky beach and looks out over Lake Charlevoix An expectant mother wearing a white dress holds her belly and smiles in Northern Michigan A woman dressed in white stands smiling on a rocky beach in Michigan in the sunshine A mother swings her young son over a lake in Michigan in the summer An expectant mother and son smile and laugh while she swings him into the air on Walloon Lake A father and son play in the sand of a Northern Michigan beach together in the sun A man and a young boy throw rocks into Walloon Lake together on the beach A family of three sit on a Michigan beach together while the man points out across the lake A family of three sits together smiling on a rocky beach beside Lake Walloon A family sits smiling on a Northern Michigan beach in the summer time during sunset

Northern Michigan Maternity Family Portraits Photographer: Cory Weber
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