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Harbor Springs Sailboat Engagement Photography | Meredith & Patrick

An engaged couple on a sailboat in Little Traverse Bay taking portraits

Meredith & Patrick’s Harbor Springs Sailboat Engagement Photography was on a gorgeous Northern Michigan evening!

I had been looking forward to this engagement session since chatting with Meredith & Patrick! If you have ever visited Harbor Springs in the summertime you most likely have seen many boats sailing around Little Traverse Bay. Patrick sails professionally and they wanted to incorporate this into their engagement session! If you have any favorite locations, hobbies, or inspirations we love customizing each session to fit our clients interests.

I met Meredith & Patrick at the marina in Downtown Harbor Spring on a sunny evening this past summer. With the help of his parents I hopped on a separate boat following them so I could capture the further away images that you see. this unique session takes for some additional planning but I sure think it was worth it! I was sure to capture an array of angles while they sailed around the bay.

After wrapping up the sailboat photographs we took the Whaler boat over to Harbor Point. This sandy beach has a stunning views of Harbor Springs, Petoskey, and Bay Harbor. As the evening light started settling we walked over to a large willow tree that hangs into Lake Michigan to take some portraits.

Getting to know Meredith & Patrick at their one of a kind engagement session was a blast. Can’t wait to capture their wedding this summer!

An engaged couple steering on a sailboat in Harbor Springs A blue sailboat with white sails sailing in Northern Michigan An engaged couple sitting on a sailboat and smiling on a sunny summer day A couple taking engagement portraits on a sailboat in the summer in Northern Michigan A couple sailing around Harbor Point in Little Traverse Bay A man kissing his fiancé on the temple on a sunny evening in Harbor Springs A woman in a navy top and white pants leaning agains her fiancé in a sailboat A couple standing on the front of a boat on Little Traverse Bay An engaged couple standing on the front of a sailboat on a lakeA couple kissing while sailing in Northern Michigan on a sunny day with blue skies and puffy clouds An engaged coupled sailing around Little Traverse Bay in Harbor Springs Michigan A couple looking at each other and smiling while driving a boat in Harbor Springs An engaged couple holding hands and walking along the beach on Harbor Point A couple taking portraits on a sandy beach by a willow tree on Lake Michigan A woman cuddled up to her fiancé and smiling at the camera on a sunny summer evening A couple taking engagement portraits in Northern Michigan An engaged couple kissing on a beach in MichiganHarbor Springs Sailboat Engagement Photography by Cory

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Traverse City Fall Family Photography | Healey Family

A family of three stands in a forest while lit by sunshine for Traverse City fall family photography
This Traverse City Fall Family Photography session was taken on an autumn day in October. The sunlight shining through the hemlock forest was dreamy!

I first met Julia and Mark when I photographed their wedding in 2018. Since they have tied the knot they have welcomed a sweet baby boy into their family!

I met the Healey family at the Pelizzari Natural Area on Old Mission Peninsula. They coordinated outfits perfectly for the time of year and the location we met at. We started the session in an open field that highlighted the beautiful area. Their son was so happy throughout the photo session giving us some great smiles and candids. We then walked a short distance away to take some additional portraits with a different backdrop.

Our second location was in a hemlock tree forest. The afternoon sun was peeking though the tall trees making a cool effect in the background. Their son had fun exploring the textures of the forest.

During each family portrait session we make sure to take photos of a bunch of different groupings. At this session you will see photos of the entire family, mother with son, father with son, and the son by himself. This makes for a variety of images in your final gallery. A great way to display all of your favorite images from your portrait session is by creating a customized album. We love creating albums for our clients and have many ways you can personally customize it to fit your style and home.

It was a pleasure to work with the Healey family again in Northern Michigan. It is such joy to capture their ongoing legacy and create imagery that they will be able to treasure for many years to come.

If you are interested in creating your own beautiful portraits get in touch! Click HERE to let us know what you have in mind!

A father holding his infant son while the son looks at his mother on Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan A family of three in fall time attire in a grassy field in Northern Michigan A family of three smiling at the camera during portraits in Traverse City, Michigan Autumn portraits in a field in Northern Michigan A one year old boy in a knit off white sweater, blue jeans, and brown shoes playing with grass in a field A family taking Autumn portraits A father lifting up his infant son during a portrait session in October in Michigan A mother, father, and son playing with each other in a field A mother holding her infant son in the sunlight on a beautiful fall day in Old Mission Peninsula, Michigan A baby boy taking portraits with his parents in October in Northern Michigan A father and infant sun standing in the autumn sunlight A family enjoying time together while taking portraits in Michigan A father tossing his son into the air and catching him while his son is laughing A one year old boy playing with his parents in the woods in Michigan A one year old boy playing with sticks in the woods Portraits of a one year old boy in the woods during fall time Family portraits in a hemlock forest on Old Mission Peninsula in Michigan Family portraits in a wooded hemlock forest with light filtering though the background A family walking through a hemlock forest in Northern Michigan A family taking portraits in ferns

Traverse City Fall Family Photography: Cory Weber
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